Upcoming Brickell Avenue Roadway Project and Public Meeting

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is scheduled to begin construction of a roadway project on Monday, October 8. The project limits extend along the State Road (SR) 5/Brickell Avenue/US 1 from south of SE 8 Street to SE 5 Street in the City of Miami. This project will cost an estimated $973,813 and will last about six months. The work... [more...] 

Swire Properties Transplanting Trees from Brickell CitiCentre

Swire Properties transported 16 trees, some almost 200 years old, from the future site of Brickell CitiCentre to Bicentennial Park in downtown Miami. View the video: http://youtu.be/-mOnzpoPhV8 While U.S. companies see opportunity for investment in Asia, Swire Properties last year made its biggest financial commitment in Miami. While U.S.... [more...] 

Brickell Area Association Board Meeting-July 17

The BAA Board of Directors met on (July 17, 2012, to review Police crime reports, transportation issues, the Downtown Development Authority's Homeless Taskforce Report, plus other Brickell Area concerns. The Brickell Area... [more...] 

Brickell Business District Shuttle
Brickell Business District Shuttle